The Summer of LoveLight!

Summer 2012… What a magical, abundant, creative, joyful, inspiring, uplifting, BLESSED time to be in the world! 🙂


This summer has been all about celebrating Creativity, Collaboration, Community and Christ Consciousness.  It’s been powerful, transformative and expansive.  I’m blessed to have such a beautiful community of family and friends who shine with such LOVE and radiate rainbows as they smile… 🙂

It’s been a summer of growth and learning, too.  Starting with the Magical Faery Festival in June, then Lammas in July, LoveLight in August and EBS Rock The Redoubt in September, Sandy and I have been creating workshops, festivals and events which have brought communities together, celebrated the collaborative creativity of friends old and new, and entered deeply into the perfect stillness and beauty of Christ’s Love.


We’ve moved from a single one-off workshop to organising our own event (LoveLight) and collaborating with beautiful, inspiring friends in the Storytelling Tent.  We’re growing in every way with these abundant experiences.  And we’re brimming with gratitude.  🙂


I’ve also been on a Storytelling course at Emerson College – which was utterly transforming and gave me the confidence to be myself and find my own beauty through what I love and what I do.  I’ve been on a one day storytelling workshop and even all the way down to the Westcountry Storytelling Festival.  It’s been a summer of friendship, family, fun and festivity.

Thank you Lord for all that I am blessed.

Now the autumn’s arriving, with change and a chill in the air…  But the beauty of life goes on in its eternal kaleidoscope of seasons and energies.  I’m looking forward to that Back to School vibe and the settling of the seeds that have been sown this summer…

Much love



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