Elemental Equinox

I’ve been connecting very deeply with the elements this autumn equinox, feeling their energies within and around me, and sharing that connection with others for healing, restoration, wholeness and balance.

Sandy (@zzzzzandy http://www.sandyeast.net) and I returned to the Magical Faerie Festival in Sussex, where it all started, yesterday. Our workshop, Earth Stories: In Your Element, has grown a lot since we first launched it there in June this year, just a few months a ago, and it continues to grow and evolve. The workshop now includes elemental yoga and meditation as well as natural elemental resources to bring people more deeply into consciousness with the earth and her stories. The stories that arise from the experience may be transformational and healing to those to who take part, as they journey deeply into their element and return to wholeness through the shared tales of the group. This weekend we saw people connect more deeply than ever before, and have a lot of fun with it too.

On Sunday, a beautiful gathering of sacred souls had a wonderful afternoon of stories and celebration. We’d planned to go out for a story walk around the local Downs, but the heavy rain, thunder and lightning put even us elementals off, and we decided to hold the gathering at home instead! We took our journey into the imagination and shared stories of the springs, streams, hills, trees and sacred rings that we would’ve visited… A deep and primal sacred world was opened up within the circle of our hearts…

Everyone had a tale to tell and the children shared their stories too. We gave thanks for the abundance of our summer’s harvest, decorating the altar with gifts and offerings.

The depth of inner unfolding sees its outer reflection in the joy of gathered friends. Balance.

Autumn equinox is a time of stillness: restoring the balance of ourselves as the energies shift from light to dark. The elements within and around us are settling into quietness: as the earth draws her energies deeper, so we too must withdraw from the fiery flux of summer heat and prepare ourselves for a more reflective, gentle journey. In this moment, we are blessed with the opportunity to pause and feel the harmonisation of those polarising energies as they rest in the elements of our earth and our body.

Looking towards winter, we plant our precious acorns in the deep, dreaming darkness. Knowing with full faith that there they will grow. When the spring comes and the light returns, we’ll see their shoots above ground ~ beautiful tall and strong, the magical oaks of our hearts’ wonder.


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