Autumn Energies


Can you feel that perfect peace in the air at the moment?

On recent nights, I’ve noticed the total stillness and silence that hangs like a silk veil across the sky: The waxing Harvest Moon – so close and so bright; the crystal pinprick stars shining into the night and the deep presence of an energy in perfect balance and harmony pervading the infinite space between us all.

During the daytime, the autumn energies are wrestling themselves back into balance, as the northern hemisphere begins its descent into the regenerative dark of winter.  Winds gust and howl, rain buckets from the sky. A few nights ago, I listened in awe as the clouds themselves rumbled around the womb of the Downs.

Born of the endless ocean, tossed across the wide open spaces of the coastal land, they found the basin of the hills.  Rocking and rolling, buffeting and blustering, they rang out in thunderous crashes, shaking out the fury of their confinement.  Or, perhaps, releasing their held energies as they found the touch of one another.  Either way, in time their bellows subsided: the energy had been spent and tranquility was restored.  Recent nights have found their stillness, their centre.

Today I walked by the sea.  Even she has been touched by the stillness that pervades all.  And why not?  Every drop of water in the ocean is a crystal of pure consciousness – intimately and infinitely connected with the whole.  The sun glittered on her rippling surface, calm waves brushed the shore, and even in the brightness of the day, that peaceful presence was there amid the bustle.  Tonight the full moon will shine upon that same surface.  Earth, Sun, Moon in perfect alignment.

The equinoctal energies, the Libran scales, are bringing us into stillness, wholeness, balance and harmony.  Asking us to stop for a moment, slow down and take a breath.  Look around us at the abundance of nature, the lessons we can learn from the retreat of her energies into darkness.

Despite today’s sunshine, I’m compelled by the elemental energies to go within: withdraw from the busy-ness of daily life and settle into the richness of my own depths.

I’m finding a return to those things I love to do in the quieter months – reading, writing, listening, creating.  I want to snuggle under a blanket (preferably in front of a roaring open fire), listening to and telling stories of life’s mysteries.

The weaving and sharing of stories is one way in which we can rediscover our deep and ultimate connection to our own Great Creator.  Suspending for a while our belief in the current cultural mythologies of money and madness, we can enter into an alternative world view, where God is the ever-present centre at the heart of all stories.

Our own stories, then, may take on greater meaning when we allow ourselves to be held in the arms of the Divine One, our eternal Father-Mother, who made us man and woman that we may Love.



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