Samhain Stories

Retreat within…

Happy Samhain!  A time to retreat into the dark stillness and silence of the Dreaming Time.  Take a step back from daily activity ~ constantly doing and creating.  Let your ideas and inspirations sink deep into your imagination and sleep a while as they grow.

Balance creative doing with creative dreaming

Follow the rhythms of the Earth: this is a time for resting, restoring, returning to the dark dream time of the soul.  Earth’s energies are withdrawn to her heart and on the surface this can appear as death.  But it’s only sleeping.  In silent stillness, beneath blankets of fallen leaves, she dreams next year’s flowers and fruits into being.  Here, deep in the mysterious heart of her imagination, she dreams the shapes and sizes of next year’s harvest ~ the weight of her abundance.  Carried in her womb – the deep dark round belly of the world – these dreams grow in the darkness, until it’s time to be born on the surface again.

This is the Dreaming Time

We can take this time to rest, restore and return, too.  All the inspirations and creative ideas we’ve been actively working with during the more energetic months of the year can afford to take a sleep for a while, in the Dreaming Time of our soul’s imagination.  We often feel that we have to be constantly doing, creating, working, making…  But in nature there’s no constant production ~ everything has its time, its season.  Switching off our minds for a creative break during this dark time could reap its own rewards of renewed creative energy and vigour when we’re ready to energise a project again.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

You may think that you’ll lose all your ideas and good work if you let a project rest for a while.  But it’s more likely you’ll be able to look at it again with fresh eyes after a rest. Solutions to problems that had been keeping you awake at night might just find their way to the surface through your deep, dreaming sleep.

Creativity never dies

Creative energy can never die.  It’s timeless and immortal.  Like the earth, it needs to rest and restore in the darkness for a while, before it can return.  With proper rest, you may find that when it does come back, it feels far more alive and vibrant than before.

So, will you be taking time to Dream, this Samhain?


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