I loved this story and its connection to Samhain energies, the dark moon time of ancient wisdom. Thanks for sharing, Caroline. 🙂

Caroline Carey Writings, Prose & Poetry

In our creative writing and movement session this morning, we ran out of time at the end, so whereas we all usually share some of what we write, I did not.

So I decided to share my ‘story’ on my blog. It is written from a memory of a recurring dream which was reminded to me by one of the other participants in our group, as she spoke about the medieval times. As I danced I tapped into that dark mother energy that I am exploring through my own ‘change’, a few feelings triggered by another participant as we greeted and spoke of our menopause’s; ‘ah the skin and bones and blasted irritations’.  And then as I wove these memories and experiences together I felt into the energy of Samhain and the mystery of the thinning veils and my connections to my ancestry….. and so I wrote my own blending…

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