Dreaming Fruit and Story Jam…

Well, you can’t say I don’t take my own medicine…  Creative Dreaming was required.  And the last two days spent seriously supine on the sofa are bearing fruit.  I’ve been dedicated to the discovery of Red Riding Hood – which has been fruitful in itself and will provide the meat for much of November’s story-blogging.
It’s also planted a seed – a germ of an idea is brewing; a project with a vision.  From out of the darkness of the Dreaming Time, a flicker of inspiration became a spark, which caught.  And ignited.  A book is being born.  At least, conceived, at this stage.  More on that as it develops.
Watch this space for details of forthcoming workshops and events in Eastbourne.  Starting in January 2013: Story Jam Sundays – a monthly workshop exploring a tale from the inside out – using movement, meditation, music, rhythm, visual art, 3D designs, poetry, creative writing – as many creative forms of enquiry as possible to get you inside the heart of the story and the story inside your heart…
Check out my updated website – yeah, it still needs more work, but it’s a start.  www.innernature.org.uk
I’ve also been reading the recently released “Secret Breakers: The Power of Three” by local author H.L. Dennis.  I say reading, it’s more like absorbing, devouring.  I couldn’t put it down!  Piquing on that threshold between wanting to find out and not wanting the story to be over, I finally closed the book long after I should’ve been asleep (creatively dreaming, of course) having read over two-thirds since picking it up that afternoon.  Needless to say, a great read.  Thrilling and empowering, fun and thought-provoking, this book/series is hailed as ‘Da Vinci Code for kids’ and I can’t imagine it not being a huge success with children everywhere.
Reading stories and children’s books is great for keeping our imaginations burning, our hearts light and our minds wide open.
Have you read any good children’s books lately?

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