In my cloak of darkest winter

bejewelled with sequinned stars,

ice crystals gleam

in my gown

across the black sky, deep.

My ghostly silver splendour

calls your name in whispered tones;

my pale face beams

Majestic glow:

The Bringer of Night I Am.

I seep inside your sleep,

your self –

my darkness fills your dreams

and holds my mirror

to your Soul

until you wake in screams.

Wait!  Follow me,

Don’t run this time:

I am the darkness that you need.

Through frost and snow

I lead you down

into the warm earth, deep.

Where your roots tangle

with knotted trees mingled:

Nothing is what it seems.

No up, no down,

no in, no out:

Darkness here is complete.

Return to the darkness

where you began –

the womb of your beginning…

Reach into your darkness

with open-wide eyes;

tell me, what do you see?

Where are your roots?

Where do you begin?

To know is to be free.

Beyond the shivers,

the gloom and the fear,

You grow with deep roots like the trees;

tangled and twisted

your fates are entwined

with everything that can be.

In the depth of your darkness

You Are never alone –

the Light even deeper

that carries you home

and cares for you always

Is Me.


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