Storytelling Sundays

Family friendly workshops at Beanzz cafe, Grove Road, Eastbourne.
Each month, rediscover a different story and learn how you can share it with others in your own unique way. Workshops will be centred around a different story from the rich oral traditions of the world every month. We’ll explore stories of Sussex – such as the story of the Long Man and other local folklore; stories from Grimm – with favourites like Red Riding Hood and other less well-known tales; stories from ancient lands and people, covering a variety of cultures and places from India to Inuit.

These tales are the food and medicine of our soul. Without the rich tapestry of colour created by story, a culture can feel empty and fragmented. Sometimes, Gradgrind facts are not enough. Story can open doors to other worlds within and around us, showing us something deeper that we long to know. Our connections with others and with ourselves can be deepened and strengthened through story.

We’ll focus on a story each month and discover ways to work with the tale to bring it into our hearts and retell it in our own way. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting up and performing it in front of everyone! We could express it through creative artwork, or just by a simple chat and gossip over a cuppa at the cafe.

We are all story tellers and our lives are our stories. How we choose to tell those stories is up to us.

There’ll be lots of hands-on practical activity, space and time for quiet reflection, opportunities to meet new people and old friends and plenty of cafe culture.

Workshops will be on the third Sunday of each month starting 17 February, 10-12 at Beanzz Cafe, Grove Road, Eastbourne.

Sliding scale donations: £2/£1 (excludes tea); £5/£3 (includes tea ceremony/drink); £10/£6 (reflective of the truer cost and value of the workshop).

All materials provided.

17th February – The Story of Your Name

17th March – Stories of Place – Bring an item connected to your favourite place



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