Red Riding Hood Collage

Today’s blog post, and this collage, are inspired by the work of Michelle Anglin and Christine Irving at Two Twitch A Tale. Working on the theme of one fairy tale / myth per month in mixed media collage.

This month’s tale was Red Riding Hood.

Red collage

By necessity, I created this in an afternoon – not a month. And by choice, I wanted to put all four elements of the story together on one canvas. So, here are the inspirations I worked with in the order I applied them to the story and the collage:
1) The Overview
2) The negative/dark
3) The positive
4) The light

I hope you can spot aspects of each element within the collage.

What I enjoyed about working with collage like this was the way it prompted me to focus on a specific element of the tale – such as the dark or negative side- whilst simultaneously abstracting the whole concept. The story was broken down into abstract constituent parts – colours, moods, ideas, images – and then reassembled in a way that brought together new links and previously un-noticed connections.

A valuable artistic exercise on so many levels.

I’ve always seen Red Riding Hood as the perfect story for February. To me it embodies the vibrant flush of Maidenhood that arises with the Imbolc new moon.

I recently wrote this to a friend, and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it here:

The February new moon, on 10th Feb, marked the beginning of Imbolc and the Chinese new year. It’s the time of Red Riding Hood – awakening from the winter slumber, which was full of patient listening and receiving guidance for the path ahead – Choosing to walk our own path now, as The Hero of our own life story. Following the direction of the path you’ve been quietly dreaming all winter. Now, wearing the red cloak of passion, emotion, action, you leave the path of the past behind and walk in your own bold new direction. Driven by desire and discovery. What you discover may seem scary at times, but as you learn to love it you’ll see your own passionate energy reflected.

But creating the collage helped me to unlock a deeper current to this story. One which I had only scratched the surface of previously.

I’ll be sharing my deeper thoughts on that aspect in tomorrow’s blog…

What does Red Riding Hood mean to you?

Have you created a collage in this way before?

Do visit Two Twitch A Tale and take a look at the wonderful work there!

See you tomorrow. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood Collage

  1. Hi, I love this collage! What a great gift- thank you. I particularly like the red bow with its multiple meanings- the path that ties all things together, the nod to red, and the cord that ties to hold the hood against the head, the girlishness of the polka-dotted bow… I’m also very fond of the eye of the wolf peering from behind the tree. I read all the related posts and find the idea of marrying the wolf profound.

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