George and The Dragon

Can you feel the Dragon rising?

The rippling,
rumbling surge
from deep
hot earth;
juddering bones
spitting fire
boiling blood:

slay it
like they tell you to –
what use a dead
and you,

Twist it
tame it
tend it
trust it

its flanks
and ride
home ~
Wings spread
golden crest
beating breast:

St George celebrations Eastbourne 2013

St George and The Dragon


2 thoughts on “George and The Dragon

  1. We’re absolutely delighted to see someone acknowledging St. George’s Day! George gets a bad press in many sections of the pagan/occult community (and outside of it) for all sorts of reasons. Often portrayed as ‘that nasty dragon murderer’, we can’t help think that people are missing a lot of the symbolism/ archetypal themes present in his and the Dragon’s conflict. There’s a lot to work with, from understanding aspects of our own psyche and our development as beings, through to the turbulence of the change of seasons and the cycle of the sun.(look at his role in the Mummers Plays). We love your beautiful poem. Actually we’re feeling a bit guilty now, as we’ve disgracefully neglected St. George’s Day in our recent April review ourselves!

    1. Thanks for bringing attention to the various depths of the St George myth, I’m interested in finding out more about the Mummers Plays and Early Drama generally – there’s a lot we can learn from its symbolism and from the physicality of re-enacting those archetypal roles.

      Did you check out the link at the bottom of the post? It’s a YouTube film & song put together by Giles Bryant/World Healing Project, who has done a lot of his own research into the symbolism of the myths.

      Keep up the great exchanges, it’s magical what happens when we share what we love! 🙂

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