#Solstice Shift, #SuperMoon2013 & #PhoenixStorytellers

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Summer Solstice is the quarter-point of the year most closely associated with the Fire element. The sun is at its zenith from our visible perspective, and will stay at its height for three days: sol stice ~ sun still. Energetically, fire is associated with change, transformation, passion and growth. Burning away the old, stagnant self, to discover what is new and vital within.

Interestingly, the summer solstice has long had the additional element of water linked to it, and this year’s Super Moon has brought transformation through the release and flow of held emotions – cleansing and purifying, washing us into empty vessels ready to receive the radiance that’s coming our way.

At 12.32 pm (BST) on Sunday 23rd June both of these celestial energies – the sun and moon, masculine and feminine, God and Goddess – reached their peak together. The sun was at its mid-day point on the final day of its climax of the year at the exact time that the moon reached her fullness. Both shone on the earth in their radiant glory ~ equal, opposite, balanced.

In these significant times of great change, could this be marking the way of what’s to come?

If we’re prepared to be reduced to the ashes of ourselves, to be washed clean with Love, to let go of everything we were attached to in the past, we may find ourselves blessed with the Light of new understanding ~ the wisdom of Oneness.

Phoenix logo

On 21st June 2013 Phoenix Storytellers was born at the Solstice Happening, Beanzz Coffeehouse, Eastbourne. As performance storytellers, our aim is to bring the art and craft of storytelling back to the heart of the community, so we’re a community cooperative as well as staging performances for all in community spaces. The performance was a great success, with everyone contributing to a really well constructed event: hours spent in preparation with mask-making, rehearsals, and even vocal-toning exercises were absolutely worth it for the visual, sound and energetic impact that we made on the evening.

Photos will follow, I hope. But here’s the story I told on the night (not filmed live, but recorded on Sunday 23rd June at Butts Brow). If you’d prefer the MP4 for non-PC users, click here.

It’s been a very interesting time. Fire and ashes and water and change. 23rd of June/Midsummer is Biblically attributed to John the Baptist – and it really feels like its been a baptism and rebirth for me, too. I’ve always loved Jesus. Now it feels like through all of this cleansing, purging, ending and beginning, I’m being guided more deeply within that love. With a context for understanding and a vocabulary for expression.

Watch this space…


One thought on “#Solstice Shift, #SuperMoon2013 & #PhoenixStorytellers

  1. Hmmm…yes! We agree, the Summer Solstice is always instantly identified with the crowning moment of the sun, heat and the fire element, and it’s understandable. But we’ve always felt that this is also a time for the complimentary/opposite element of water. Even just on a physical level, in the heat of summer, people seek the seaside, lakes and rivers….always water to cool off in. We ourselves acknowledge the ocean deities and celebrate the harvest from the sea, shortly after solstice.
    This seems to have been a profound time for you personally of late…and with the experience of baptism/rebirth you feel you have undergone, it’s clearly been a very positive time for you as well. Blessings….Holland & Flannery, SRTB.

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