Outside the Box

winter wisdom
Last Saturday, I put myself into a box labelled ‘Christianity’.
By midweek, God had blasted me back out of it with gut-wrenching force.
What does that mean? I’m not a Christian any more?
No, it doesn’t mean that.
Christianity is knowing the Truth of Christ and accepting Jesus’ Love as my saviour. I’m in. Without a doubt.

Yet my road has lead me into the core of many of the world’s spiritual cultures, and I’ve dwelt within the realms of fairy tale and mythology. From each I retrieved a pearl and held it in my heart. They’re all still there, glistening.

Through exploring Christianity I know that salvation is in Christ alone. But there’s a rich harvest of beauty and wisdom to be found in other cultures and spiritualities, too. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I have to exclude the variety of treasures that I’ve found along the way.
My writing is my crucible. A melting pot for the deep mysteries that hold all these things together.
‘I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock and one shepherd.’ Jesus, (John 10:16).

This wild heart’s too big to be contained within one box. Though fortunately, it’s big enough to hold them all.


2 thoughts on “Outside the Box

  1. An old theologian (John Calvin) said that the Bible is like a pair of spectacles through which we can see the world. Christianity is not saying “Only what’s in the Bible is true.” It says that the Bible (and particularly the Jesus who is the Centre of the Bible) is the true *lens* by which we can see everything else. Which means that the Bible isn’t a box, it’s a pair of glasses and it encourages us to go out and see *all things* in the light of Christ.

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