4.1.14: Back-2-Life


Once, there were the storms. Or maybe there weren’t, I can never be sure. Folk whisper in awe about The Great Storms of The Beginning, but it could just be stories by now…

Towering waves, swirling squalls: the whole world washed away or blown to bits in the wind. Howling gales, power down – no life or light in the darkness. Topsy-turvy wheels of weather, turning people inside out. Water washing, wind whirling, never-ending darkness…

Ah, that was a hundred years ago. Or a hundred sleeps, I never know.

When I awoke, the world was new and different. It took a Prince’s love: he’d battled through the dream-world to save me. Into the darkness – the slime and the grime clinging to him… He had to keep alive, not swallow the murky poison all around.

The moment his lips found mine he breathed new life into my soul and the world was reborn.

Now there’s no more darkness. Aurora lights dance the night away.


This is a picture I found on the internet posted by Nasa. For more truly stunning images of the Aurora Borealis, check out the gorgeous family blog pages by the Aurora Addicts as they travel the northern reaches of this cold and dark planet in wonder of the Northern Lights. I particularly love this picture called Angel of the North! 🙂


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