God, and Your Golden Fleece

“You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.” Florida Scott-Maxwell

“Until we do the work of excavating, claiming, and owning our life stories, we run the very real risk of seeing ourselves, describing ourselves, and proscribing ourselves as others see fit. We go along with their plot lines for what is our life story. We must learn to deconstruct the negative story lines that hamper our growth.” Julia Cameron, The Vein of Gold

This wise advice is the foundation for much modern spiritual practise and belief. Though, whilst it is true, it’s only half the story.

Yes, we need to take control of our own life story and move in positive directions; reclaim the events of our lives, make ourselves ours. But then we need to give them to God to make ourselves God’s.

Reclaiming our lives is only the first step. Only once we have done this can we surrender it to God with Truth and Humility. Giving away something we do not ourselves own is meaningless. But, having gained it in all its richness and glory, will we be prepared to sacrifice it to our Divine Creator? Having gained the life of gold, it becomes much harder to surrender – we suddenly have everything we’ve ever wanted, access to everything we’ve ever dreamed of – and yet, we’ve only reached the cross-road.

If we decide from here to carry on our own way, writing our own story and making our own dreams come true, we’re missing the point and missing God. Without the Divine Hand to guide us, we fall into the same traps and patterns we were trying to escape: an ego-generated existence of self-will and judgement, that’s ultimately heading towards destruction.

The truth is, once we’ve gained the Golden Fleece, we have to give it back – to the One who made it for us in the first place. It’s much harder to give up a life of riches than a life of sorrows – as Jesus demonstrated with the Rich Young Man. “In truth, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Once we’ve reclaimed our own life story, started manifesting our dreams, we’ve become that rich young man. Everything we could ever want is at our fingertips and we’re not prepared to let it go.

But we must learn from Midas’ example. Turning everything we touch into gold won’t necessarily bring us happiness in the end.

The work of reclaiming the Golden Fleece, re-possessing our own life story, rediscovering our true potential MUST be done. But it’s only step one on the journey back to God. It’s tempting to get stuck here, but that’s the point.

Having regained the treasure that we knew (consciously or subconsciously) to be ours all along, can we bear the sacrifice of giving it up again? Do we dare to trust the hands of another to take care of it?

When that so-called ‘other’ is God – then yes – we must! God is not separate from who we are, but is our most intimate lover. Nobody knows us, loves us, looks out for us like God does. Even ourselves. You see, in our own hands, that treasure WILL sooner or later crumble into dust. Depending on the scale and magnitude of our ego-creations and actions, the desolation of our dreams will cause suffering in a greater or lesser degree – to ourselves, to others, to the world. It was this that brought about the destruction of Atlantis and it’s this that’s bringing about the destruction of our present world now. Consciously or unconsciously, a life lived in self-will, rather than Divine Will, brings pain, suffering and decay in the end – however golden and glorious it may have seemed at the time.

We’re standing at the cross-roads NOW.

Having taken conscious, spiritual control of our lives and put on the swan-feather cloak, the Golden Fleece, the robe that shines like the sun, will we take the next step into our conscious evolution with God?

The treasure is the hardest to sacrifice when it’s our own. A life is the hardest to sacrifice when it’s glorious.

Yet, if we do, the rewards will be ours. Living by Divine Will brings us into perfect harmony with our Creator: the One who sees all things, holds all wisdom, IS all Love. Walking in this union, we can accept the gifts that are truly ours and use them in service and sacrifice to the God who gives them. That is also, in service to every other being with whom we share our existence.

We may think we’re living in Love already. But if we’re not devoting our every action to our Divine Father-Mother, if we’re not sacrificing our every desire to the Divine Will, then we’re only fooling ourselves and the gold we see all around us is already crumbling into dust.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to give us the True Gift. Christ-consciousness is the Gold of the New Creation. It will never fade, tarnish or diminish. It’s pure and endless. It’s our gift if we will accept it. It’s what unites us with God’s Love and binds us to Divine Will.


And ultimately, we we will discover that the riches we have sacrificed were pale and ugly in comparison with the riches we will receive.

God’s desires are our own true Heart’s Desires. Not the ego-corrupted outer heart, but the Divine, Pure, Inner Heart that is our True Nature. This is the heart that has always dwelt and will always dwell with God. There’s no space or separation between our Inner Heart and God. We just have to go on a journey to rediscover it. On that journey we must fight for and win our Golden Fleece, yet it in turn must be sacrificed again to God to truly reach the Kingdom of the Heart.

Christ is the Way on this journey; Christ-Consciousness is the prize.

“Whatever you ask for in my name shall be given unto you.” Because when we are truly IN CHRIST, whatever we ask for IS God’s Will.

Do you ‘manifest’ your dreams only to watch them crumble into dust in your hands? Do you know you should be able to create the life you want, and yet it remains elusive – just beyond the edges of your grasp?

Try giving your Golden Fleece back to God. Only the Divine Hand can put it on you so it fits.



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