Colours, Sounds, Stories

I’ve created a Playlist of my favourite Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood Mac songs. The formidable partnership of Lindsay Buckingham’s rich, dark guitar playing and Stevie Nicks’ singing/songwriting is a powerfully beautiful combination. There’s magic beyond the edges of these creations. They speak to my soul in these colours:

The Chain – purple-black twilight with gusting crashes of silver wind

Dreams – the lush yellow-green of dew-jewelled grass, with yellows and warm light blues

Gold Dust Woman – warm ebony and ivory with rich mahogany bass notes, splashes of fiery red and gold

Gypsy – warm and sunny reds, yellows, orange and amber with feather-light flashes of gold sparkle

Rhiannon – the rich velvet blue-black of a moonlit night; the iridescent indigo sheen of a raven’s wing

Sisters Of The Moon – the utter black of a starless night, with shrieking stark white streaks and howling red gales

Storms – blues, purples, warm and rich, tranquil, floating, held – the bright turquoise of warm summer raindrops and hazy rainbow skies


What are the colours of your favourite songs?

Comment to reply, I’d love to know!


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