Imbolc – Milk and Honey

Outside at the moment there’s sunshine and hailstorms.  Inside, there’s Vanilla Chai tea with milk and honey.  Mmmmm.

Happy Imbolc.  The Light is growing: the Life is returning to the earth.

Last year, I recorded this story of Brigid.

Brigid brings us milk and honey.  She signals to us of the Love and Abundance that’s to come, but she also reminds us of the nourishment and nurturing we still need.

She represents healing; the forging of new creations in the fire of the blacksmith; and the poetic transformation of the soul through wisdom and beauty.



2 thoughts on “Imbolc – Milk and Honey

  1. Superb,,Sally….excellent presentation of Brigid’s story. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

    “Brede, Brede, come to my house, come to my house tonight. Open the door for Brede, and let Brede come in.” Happy Imbolc & Candlemas blessings to you, Sally …..SRTB.

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