She Stoops To Conquer

Devonshire Park Theatre, 29th April – 3rd May


There’s more top-quality theatre on offer at the Devonshire Park again this week with Creative Cow’s sumptuous production of Oliver Goldsmith’s restoration comedy – She Stoops to Conquer.

The play offers a rich and comical glimpse into eighteenth-century country life, with a longing for the fashions and company of ‘Town’ that brings the foppish suitors Marlow and Hastings to the humble abode of the Hardcastles.

I really enjoyed the gloriously full-bodied accents that distinguished the gentlemen from the country-folk and the contrasts that were used effectively by Kate to achieve her conquest by stooping to adopt the persona of a bar maid when talking to Marlow.

Strong characterisation and quality acting from the whole cast brought this performance to life, and the creative use of gilded mirror props made it visually inspiring.

An excellent night out at the theatre! Go and check it out!


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