Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Scarlet Woman

Devonshire Park Theatre 30 September – 2 October 2014

An entertaining evening of Sherlock Holmes mysteries at the Devonshire Park Theatre this week. This play was witty and surprising – certain to appeal to the intellect and humour of any Sherlock Holmes fan.


The performance was carried along by strong character-acting and well-scripted dialogue. The cast held the unfolding story in their command and presented the audience with many a twist and turn within the plot.

Almost all the action was revealed through dialogue, so this was a play that required a certain amount of concentration to follow, but it was well done and it kept the audience engaged throughout.

It had a feel of ‘Sherlock-lite’ to it, so it would be suitable for anyone enjoying an evening of entertainment at the theatre; although more ardent Sherlock fans – while appreciating the intellectual dialogue and humour – may find it a little frustrating in places.

Overall, it was good fun and a great introduction to the mysterious world and timelessly appealing character of Sherlock Holmes.


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