The Night Doctor

(This is a five minute exercise based on the title of a short story by Javier Marias, ‘The Night Doctor’ from the collection ‘When I Was Mortal’.  It’s based on the titles only, as suggested by a member of the writing group – I hadn’t read the story before writing this.)

Midnight.  The most uncanny time of night.  The dark penetrates me in its deep unknowing.  These unknown regions of the mind – elusive, fictitious histories of a chance.  A choice.  A chance unseen.

My paintings draw upon the starry depths.  I am a doctor of the night.  I shape what I see and hand it back to you transformed.  You gaze at my uncertainties with reverence and wonder.  When I was mortal, I think, I was unknown.  But now – unknowable, untouchable, undreamed – I bring you the night in jars of sleeping pills.


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