Reflections on Writing Week #MACreativeCritic

Last week at university was Writing Week.  It was a break from the usual structures of reading lists, seminars and workshops.  An invitation to spend the week working at home, fully immersed in the creative process of writing.

And it was such a blessing.


Having the chance to study for an MA this year is the best opportunity I’ve ever had and the best thing I’ve ever done.  (There are a lot of people who are helping to make this happen for me, and I’m thankful to every one of you – you know who you are.)

But the specifically great thing about Writing Week was something like this: It gave me the time and space to find myself.

Away from the idea of structures and systems that I’ve spent my entire life trying to break free from, I had the opportunity to grow and inhabit myself as I truly am: embracing the possibilities of alternative lifestyle, culture and community that I’ve loved and longed for.  I was able to work through my own creative process in the way that best suits me, not necessarily the way that will make me most popular or successful, but the way that listens and speaks with all my body, heart and soul.

And with that process, I’m growing in confidence and creativity.


It’s a time of change, growth and potential.

Every moment is magic.



7 thoughts on “Reflections on Writing Week #MACreativeCritic

    1. Thank you. I love going deeper into the meaning of the name I took four years ago – it’s been quite a journey. I’m learning to embrace my dark side, my power, my truth and now my strength and creativity. What’s in a name? So much… 🙂

  1. Hi Sally, I have two separate friends who are blogging their way round the world: your spiritual journey seems just as inspirational, I wish you great joy and enlightenment. If you are interested in their journey, see and

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