At the Henge of the Year

Recently, on the Winter Solstice, Joe and I watched the sunrise over the sea at Eastbourne. And then we watched it set again over the Downs at Beachy Head.

We got together with friends and shared food, drink, games, fun and laughter to celebrate the death of the year that’s passing and welcome in the new beginnings. As part of that gathering, we wrote down or drew images of the closing year and burned them, releasing them into the darkness, knowing that their ashes would form the seeds of the year to come, and lighting new candles from the old flame.


As the old year gathers itself into the darkness, letting go of all that it has held can be an important and powerful way to create space for welcoming in the new beginnings to come.

2014 was a year of immense change for me. I spent much of the year resting with chronic fatigue, which marked the transition from my nine-year career as a teacher towards my new direction as a writer and storyteller. I moved out of the cottage I thought I’d always live in, my magical home in the Downs, and into a bright, airy, high flat near the sea. I felt vulnerable and exposed. But it was a breath of fresh air that I needed.

With the move came the beginning of a new relationship and the start of my MA in Creative and Critical Writing. Turbulent shifts in perspective have kept me in awe of life and its creative mysteries throughout this period. I’ve stepped outside the boxes of religion and other people’s beliefs, to settle more deeply into my own Divine knowing. Storytelling and creativity are integral to this, of course.

Joe and I have started creating our own illustrated books and it feels great to be making our words and images happen in such a powerful and organic way.


These are the seeds I’d like to see blossoming in the year ahead. Being creative as a writer and storyteller, and producing our own books, has had the most profoundly liberating effect on me and I hope to carry that process through with me – out from the transformative darkhenge of the year, into the light of new birth and creation. The support we’ve found in each other has made this possibility a reality in 2014, and as we carry that through into 2015 with open hearts it will be exciting to see which new doors of opportunity are opening on our path.

Creation is a constant dance of birth, death and regrowth. Possibilities and opportunities shimmer and shoot in the darkness; some will blossom and grow before returning to their roots in the dark; and from that darkness beyond the edges of our vision, new worlds are glistening and waiting to be born. Our dance with the Creative Spirit is the magic that gives them birth.


2 thoughts on “At the Henge of the Year

  1. Hello Sally, a very Happy New Year to you, good to hear that you are moving beyond conventional religion onto a more open spriritual plane – dogma is for the blinkered!

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