Explorations – #MACreativeCritic

New Term, New Writing

One of the courses on my MA Creative and Critical Writing this term is Experimental Writing.

Here’s my first workshop submission – it’s a multiple choice fantasy narrative in which I’ve experimented with form and content more than language. I’ve been researching Artists’ Books, and wanted to explore alternative book forms. The multiple choice narrative seemed to fit with this form quite well, which is made from a single sheet of A4 paper*. It allows the reader to manipulate the book form in multiple ways whilst also manipulating the narrative thread.


It’s a response to a constraint set out in the Oulipo Compendium, &and also draws from the ideas of multiplicity and expansion in ‘”&And” and foulipo’ by Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young.

You can see another example of very different work for the same course by Antonia Chitty, here.

*Thanks to Clive for teaching me how to make this kind of book!


6 thoughts on “Explorations – #MACreativeCritic

  1. this is so interesting, I am a writer but I was initially trained as a weaver so I understand the idea of working under definite constraints, it is something that fascinates me. do you think you will go on and do some more writing in this genre?

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely interested in exploring alternative book forms and love the idea of making Artist Books. I’m not sure about the multiple choice narrative thing – I find working with constraints really challenging! But it’s the most multiplicitous constraint form that I’ve come across so far and I did find it expansive and exploratory. It also fits with my natural fantasy fiction style, and people seemed to like it. So maybe! Thanks for your encouragement.

      I’m interested in ways that your weaving could interact creatively with your writing! Exciting possibilities 😄

      1. yeah, my weaving is something that I try to incorporate into my writ in and because i was trained as an artist, I write in a very visual way, and I am vey interested in making artist books too. What is the course that you are on? it sounds very interesting, it is not a straightforward writer’s course?

      2. I’m doing the MA in Creative and Critical Writing at Sussex University. It’s definitely opening my mind to think outside the box of what it means to write. The multiple choice narrative activity relates to the Experimental Writing course, which is one of the options, and it’s really about exploring the boundaries of what we think writing should be, and if possible, pushing beyond them. I’m finding it really exciting, liberating, enabling and empowering! It’s challenging too and it pushes us out of the comfortable and familiar into unknown territory.

        Just wait til you see what we’re doing next week!

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