Film Review – The Lost Future

The Lost Future – Mikael Salomon – 2010


The Lost Future tells the story of a bleak, post-apocalyptic future. But far worse than the mutant beasts, the recreated prehistoric monsters, and the antagonism of rival clans, is the film’s complete inability to reimagine any new modes of thought for humanity beyond those already in decline.  

In the future described by this film, humanity still runs along the same tracks of patriarchal thought patterns that led to its collapse.  In this future society, the men wield all the power, physically, intellectually and aggressively, while women are either the stay-at-home mother/sister/nurse/teacher types, or are the semi-clad objects of erotic desire. 

Whilst backward-looking religion is critiqued for its entrenched inflexibility, the story itself continues to enshrine the same biblical narrative it is rebuking. 

The picture of an utter inability to think beyond any kind of difference to white patriarchal masculinity is completed by the ‘savage’, ‘enemy’ other – a tribe of wild mutants who inhabit the island with no greater purpose than to kill. 

Perhaps this is the only kind of future we can expect if we are not prepared to start thinking differently about our relationships to others, our planet and ourselves.  

One conciliatory feature of the film is that compassion ultimately triumphs over aggression. 

But on the whole, it’s the kind of future that can stay lost, thanks.


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