Who, What, Why – Blogging in 2016

I’ve been writing this blog since 2012 with occasional flurries of activity. I’m blessed to have built up a small following of over 170 followers and I know there are a few people who regularly read my posts, particularly the poetry.  I’m really thankful to those of you who stop by to read and like my work.

This year, I’ve set myself some goals to be more focused on my writing and connect with readers and other writers more purposefully online through my blog.  My affirmations for 2016 include: ‘I write every day’; ‘I blog every week’; ‘I publish every month’.  These visions will help me to focus more clearly on what it is I want to achieve with my writing in the coming twelve months, and this blog is central to those achievements.

As well as becoming a more focused and purposeful blogger, I would also like to become a more engaged and respectful blogger, taking more time to connect with other writers through their blogs too.

My writing may be prose, poetry or critical non-fiction, as I’m studying for a PhD in Literature and Culture at the University of Westminster.  This involves writing both critically and creatively as I explore Ernst Bloch’s utopian theory and the work of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha.  So utopian poetics is likely to emerge through my words and silences in a variety of ways as I write.  I’m interested in the meditative quality of words and silence, and the utopian possibilities that reside in the spaces in between.

I’ve also written some utopian fantasy fiction and I’m interested in returning to this genre to develop my ideas more fully, particularly as I grow through my research.

As I write, and read other writers’ blogs, this year, I’d love to connect with other poets, writers of fiction and fantasy, utopian thinkers, philosophers and co-creators of this world we all share.

It’s my aim to post on the blog every week, so that’ll be around 52 posts this year if I succeed.  I’d also like to connect and engage with other bloggers through their blog posts too.  One measure of my success will be a growing number of followers and even more regular readers engaging with my posts.

I would love to get more feedback on my posts, so please feel free to comment and offer your thoughts.

For me, utopian poetics is all about the co-creative relationship between the writer, the text and the reader: I’m hoping to embrace and embody that relationship more and more this year through the blog.

I look forward to meeting with you in word and silence.



9 thoughts on “Who, What, Why – Blogging in 2016

  1. I like the affirmations, and the targets you’ve set yourself. I have not been nearly as focussed, but I have prolonged starting a blog for many years. Bizarrely, through Instagram I’ve found a bit more creative courage and here I am on wordpress. Nice to have ‘met’ you today on my blog- already fulfilling some of your aims, I see!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment on my blog! I really do appreciate it. It’s good to make the communication a two-way process and grow through connections with other writers and readers.

      I’ll be interested to keep in touch with your utopian dreamings. I’m glad that you’re finding growing confidence in your creativity too. I wish you success in the year ahead 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I am quite excited to check out some of your work. I focus mainly in writing fictional narratives but I have been trying to get into poetry as well. If you don’t mind me asking, who are some of your favorite poets?

    1. Thanks Steven, that’s an honour, as I really admire your success in being published, your commitment to writing and your sharing tips for other writers. Thank you!

      I enjoy reading experimental poets at the moment. I am deeply drawn to the work of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, a Korean-American artist/writer whose work is still relatively little known. Her work is active on so many levels and I particularly resonate with her use of spaces and silences within and between words to open up the multiple possibilities inherent in language and its others.

      In addition to Cha: CA Conrad, Juliana Spahr, Bhanu Kapil, M. Nourbese Philip, Nat Raha, Jennifer Cooke are also sources of recent inspiration for me. Nat and Jennifer are contemporary British poets whose most recent works are published by Veer Books (Nat) and Sad Press (Jennifer).

  3. Right on. The more positive and mindful we can be in the world the better the world becomes.

    You’ve chosen a fantastic genre to delve into. All the best to you and may your 2016 be all that you dream it can be!

  4. Great affirmations, and similar to my 2016 intentions toward increasing mindfulness – including a more cohesive connection with other poets and writers. I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming work 🙂

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