Conscious connections

I love this time of year. The sky – at both sunrise and sunset – is pure milk and honey. An amber glow filtered through cream-white clouds. It’s Imbolc: the goddess Brigid shares her abundance, often symbolised by milk as stories of Brigid tell about her making the milk & butter go further than it should. The honey is just an extra sweetener as the energies palpably rise to the surface after their retreat beneath the soil into the roots. Now they’re breaking to the surface again, manifested in the first spring snowdrops and crocuses. On Monday’s new moon – Chinese/Tibetan New Year – the seasonal shift aligns to its celestial axis. 
I’ve got this feeling that since people are much less conscious of the seasonal cycles now, due to lack of connection with the land, the seasonal cycles themselves are slipping out of balance and merging into one. So I do what I can in my own consciousness to stay connected to the seasons and their nuances through my body mind spirit. Right now I’m on a train breathing in the honey coloured cliffs, fields flooded with pools for birds that reflect the sunshine and clouds in the sky. And Ziggy Stardust. 

One of the strongest connectors I have to the rhythms and cycles of the earth is my menstruation. It’s a really potent time for deep meditation with the dark moon and the dark goddess when my womb becomes a sacred portal of divine conscious connection. 

Recently I’ve discovered my ovaries too. Back in July I had a scan and found out where they are – the illustrations you get don’t really give you a sense of how close together everything is, and I’d always thought they were somewhere up near my kidneys, so I was pretty surprised to discover them right at the base of my pelvis – think of where your fingertips are in yoni mudra. Then I saw a fertility chart this month and worked out that this is the time of my ovulation. I love being in synch with the lunar rhythms. I usually start to bleed around the new moon – the dark emptying and cleansing – and reach the peak of ovulation/ fertility at the full moon – fruition and abundance. 

So over the last couple of days I’ve been enjoying the combined knowledge of these rhythms as a deepened awareness and connection to my ovaries as I feel them doing their thing: an aching pull in my pelvis, right at the heart of my creative centre. My friend Sandy – a true creative goddess – has been aware of her ovaries for a long time and now I can feel it too – it’s a real blessing. The rhythm of the seasons and the cycles is in our bodies as it is in the earth. The more I dive in to these sensations the more I feel that consciousness deepen and the more I feel the earth respond with love. 

In the V&A, I notice the Buddha has a halo made of lotus flowers. 


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