The Ghostword Sembles Itself

Playing with some Theresa Hak Kyung Cha cut-ups, started in a zine-making workshop yesterday.


The Unfinished Dream Published!

Super happy to announce that The Unfinished Dream is now available as a brand new and exciting chapbook from Sad Press! Copies are £6 and can be bought via the website or in person at one of our upcoming performances: Wednesday 9th November, 7.30pm at the Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton Saturday 19th November 7.30pm at the Yoga … Continue reading The Unfinished Dream Published!

Border : Crossing

At first we just look.   dense matting of human figures piled up motor vehicles abstracted body parts scattered words on a barbed wire fence the sweat of my bones breaking out                                            of my ribs my head a maze                   of jumbled trash tangled                                               misused                     distorted Then I know we have to … Continue reading Border : Crossing

writing utopia as non-alienation: some notes

i cannot write about the darkness in this world from the outside, from an observer's perspective - as if i am not, in every atom of my being, connected to the entirety of the world and all the universe to keep working with words, with language, until no separation remains - the language of non-alienation. yet … Continue reading writing utopia as non-alienation: some notes