Elynge Ellett

She’s nothin’ like they say she is, you know. Green-haired, frog-faced, sucker-fingered creature, with the tail of a six-foot eel. I mean, most people don’t even realise she’s a woman. But I’ve seen ‘er, so I know.


Frog-Faced Goddess in the Crypt

She's nothin' like they say she is, you know.  Green haired, green toothed, frog-eyed creature with the tail of a six-foot eel.  I mean, some people don't even believe she's a woman.  But I've seen her, so I know. I was recently invited to tell a story as part of WaterWeek 2015 at St Elisabeth's … Continue reading Frog-Faced Goddess in the Crypt

Women and Domesticity Exhibition, Eastbourne

I've recently been burning, stitching, and writing onto a duster for this pop-up exhibition in Eastbourne on Saturday 28th February. The exhibition, exploring contemporary women's attitudes to domesticity, is being organised and curated by Vanessa Marr with donations going to Women's Aid. You can see my duster, alongside other (more beautiful!) creations at the exhibition. … Continue reading Women and Domesticity Exhibition, Eastbourne

Clockwork Heart

Opportunities for storytelling abound in the steampunk world. In designing and creating my own costume, I really found myself getting to grips with characterisation - building a steampunk character who would become my alter-ego throughout the event. She's a Madame Blavatsky type figure - a gothic, Victorian-occult-underworld travelling storyteller. She's an illusionist who can be found on both sides of the mirror: she slinks in the shadows and glitters in the moonlight.

SteamPunk Storytelling

I've been experimenting with a SteamPunk style for my fairy tales this weekend, in preparation for the Storytelling Tent at the Eastbourne SteamPunk Festival this September. Here's an extract from my first attempt: The Girl With The Clockwork Heart It’s the year 1888.  Princess Aurora is celebrating her 18th birthday – dancing and spinning at … Continue reading SteamPunk Storytelling

Book Review: Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher

Last summer I read Fisher's Crown of Acorns. I liked the idea and style, but felt she could have done more to draw out the subtleties of the interwoven plot-lines; and I was left with an overwhelming frustration at the disappointment of a missed opportunity with the novel's structure. With all the narratives revolving in … Continue reading Book Review: Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher

SSBA – The Awards!

I've just got back from the Southern Schools Book Award ceremony: still buzzing, shimmering, sparkling with the sheer delight of it! The kids were fascinated to hear their favourite authors talk about the books they'd all been reading, reviewing, discussing and debating so passionately for the last few months - it really put the books … Continue reading SSBA – The Awards!