Whispers of Windrush

An attempt to heal & transmute whatever energies it is in my power to transform through creativity.


Freedom of Movement

29th March 2018 at Horse Play, The Black Dove, Brighton Freedom of Movement is a performance in poetry that is both a celebration of free movement and a protest against the idea that it can be brought to an end. 29th March 2018 marks the midpoint exactly one year between the triggering of Article 50 … Continue reading Freedom of Movement

Guided Meditation for Maggie O’Sullivan – poem published

I've recently had a new poem published in Adjacent Pineapple, Issue Two.  It's a great looking issue with some fine poets represented, including Paul Hawkins, Jazzmine Linklater, Joey Frances, Robert Sheppard and Paula Claire.  My thanks to Colin Herd for inclusion in the issue. You can read Guided Meditation: for Maggie O'Sullivan here.  I'm grateful to … Continue reading Guided Meditation for Maggie O’Sullivan – poem published

The Ghostword Sembles Itself

On 22nd June 1976, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha sat by the tomb of Tristan Tzara in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, listening to the rain.  This gesture instigates a cut-up practice to disassemble and reassemble some of Cha's words, creating the opportunity to liberate some of her vocabulary from the poetic structures she creates in her writing … Continue reading The Ghostword Sembles Itself

imagine you’re singing

[listen here > / read here >>] imagine you’re singing several north seas worth of voice light up your spine >> positive energy >> accessible only by /fracking/ shine[s] through your feet   standing on the shoulders of frackfield workers’ lungs quiet breath invite these asthmas, silicosis /notice your chest/   inhale & exhale   … Continue reading imagine you’re singing