writing utopia as non-alienation: some notes

i cannot write about the darkness in this world from the outside, from an observer's perspective - as if i am not, in every atom of my being, connected to the entirety of the world and all the universe to keep working with words, with language, until no separation remains - the language of non-alienation. yet … Continue reading writing utopia as non-alienation: some notes


It Murmurs Inside… [ #EndAusterityNow ]

DISEUSE It murmurs inside.  It murmurs.  Inside is the pain of speech the pain to say.  Larger still.  Greater than is the pain not to say.  To not say.  Says nothing against the pain to speak.  It festers inside.  The wound, liquid, dust.  Must break.  Must void.                                                 Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictee I voted … Continue reading It Murmurs Inside… [ #EndAusterityNow ]

Women and Domesticity Exhibition, Eastbourne

I've recently been burning, stitching, and writing onto a duster for this pop-up exhibition in Eastbourne on Saturday 28th February. The exhibition, exploring contemporary women's attitudes to domesticity, is being organised and curated by Vanessa Marr with donations going to Women's Aid. You can see my duster, alongside other (more beautiful!) creations at the exhibition. … Continue reading Women and Domesticity Exhibition, Eastbourne

At the Henge of the Year

Recently, on the Winter Solstice, Joe and I watched the sunrise over the sea at Eastbourne. And then we watched it set again over the Downs at Beachy Head. We got together with friends and shared food, drink, games, fun and laughter to celebrate the death of the year that's passing and welcome in the … Continue reading At the Henge of the Year

Clockwork Heart

Opportunities for storytelling abound in the steampunk world. In designing and creating my own costume, I really found myself getting to grips with characterisation - building a steampunk character who would become my alter-ego throughout the event. She's a Madame Blavatsky type figure - a gothic, Victorian-occult-underworld travelling storyteller. She's an illusionist who can be found on both sides of the mirror: she slinks in the shadows and glitters in the moonlight.

Roots, Shanties & Parsley-Girl

Moving from the cradle of the Downs to the shifting sands of the seaside is proving to be a huge culture-shock for me. Although the distance I've actually moved is only a matter of about two miles, the difference in landscape and environment has left me feeling entirely uprooted. My roots are in the belly … Continue reading Roots, Shanties & Parsley-Girl

The Cross and The Serpent

Magic, myth and mystery in the ancient world... I'm reading William Haslam's deeply insightful and thoroughly-researched exploration from 1849: The Cross and The Serpent. From the outset, it reminded me of the 1998 book, Heaven's Mirror, by Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia. This apparently had an accompanying Channel 4 television series, but unfortunately I didn't … Continue reading The Cross and The Serpent