Sally-Shakti Willow

The Unfinished Dream 1
The Unfinished Dream

i write utopia.

i spend most of my time reading, thinking, dreaming utopia and a lot of time agonising over how to express it all in words of my own.  there’s usually a lot of blank space and silence involved.  but i’ve found that it’s often the gaps and silences that bring multiple possibilities to life through fissures of meaning within & between the words.  utopia’s an elusive landscape: crumbling to dust with every fence that’s built up around it or map that tries too precisely to locate it.  it may be the perfect place, or no-place [utopia = ‘no place’; eutopia = perfect place] – the faultline lies within its etymological roots.


Sally-Shakti Willow is a doctoral researcher in utopian poetics and experimental writing at the University of Westminster. Her creative practice explores utopian poetics in writing, book art and performance. 
The Unfinished Dream 3
The Unfinished Dream



3 thoughts on “Sally-Shakti Willow

  1. I’ve been poking around your website/blog. What fun. I’m enjoying myself. I found you after you commented on my blog site here on wordpress –Two Twitch A Tale. A kindred spirit. I look forward to keeping in touch. Michelle

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